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Achieve Seamless POS Field Service Management with Zuper

May 26, 2023

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There’s no doubt that the Point of Sale (POS) industry is experiencing a boom: in 2022 global market size was valued at $85 billion and was forecasted to reach $180 billion by 2032. In the wake of COVID-19, consumers expect digital solutions that include cashless payments, causing a sharp increase in demand for card-based, smart device, and mobile POS transactions.

However, a number of POS businesses are experiencing challenges that make scaling difficult.

As the most flexible and customizable field service management software available, Zuper bolsters the management of your field operations and integrates smoothly with your existing platforms. It provides your teams with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Work Order Management

Zuper’s work order management software is designed to meet the needs of your particular field service workflows with no-code automation, checklists, and full customizability. Office and field teams easily manage jobs of any size, whether they be in-store or mobile POS terminal installs or repair and ongoing maintenance. Given that Zuper integrates seamlessly with most CRMs and ticketing apps, the days of laboring under multiple apps around your work order management are gone.

Removal of Siloed Operations Through Streamlining and Automation

With Zuper, your supervisory staff has the oversight to track a host of technicians in the field and field techs have all the latest customer and job information. Alerts and notifications allow for easy communication about the status of a job between staff and customers. Your POS business has added oversight for larger, more complex projects, something facilitated by integrations with high-end CRMs like Zendesk and Zoho.

  • Automation —> facilitates tasks for field service teams
  • Flexibility and no-dev customization —> streamlines business workflow across multiple platforms
  • Data management —> simplifies information for both tech-savvy and non-technical staff

Document and Resource Organization Significantly Improved

With Zuper, office and field staff can upload job notes and site-capture images of various formats with no size restrictions. As a result, work order documentation is accurate and thoroughly tracked, ensuring that staff and customers have the most up-to-date information.

Additionally, Zuper enables your teams to administer inventory and resources, giving them visibility all along the supply chain. Your management team can enjoy real-time tracking of parts, materials, and resources and forecast needs around inventory.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Intelligent scheduling and dispatching via Zuper facilitate your business’s ability to grow the team and move into new coverage areas.

Visibility with Drag-and-drop Scheduling

Smart scheduling with Zuper enables your back office to easily create custom schedules for each service technician. They tap the platform’s automation capabilities to assign and reassign incoming work orders and service requests based on skill, location, availability, and level of urgency. Your team avoids scheduling overlap and other errors about unassigned or overdue jobs.

Intelligent Dispatching for Optimal Use of Technicians

Real-time GPS-based location tracking with Zuper keeps supervisors aware of technician availability and location at all times, simplifying the process of assigning the best tech for each job. This avoids wasted travel time and shortens wait times for customers when dispatching.

Zuper allows your teams to automate or manually generate team alerts, ETAs, and customer notifications to increase service time accuracy. Alterations in the schedule are synchronized with a field worker’s mobile app, so they are able to respond in real time.

Costs Savings with Route Optimization

As an alternative to inefficient paper-based route maps, data-backed route optimization saves money and time and maximizes what each tech can handle.

  • Optimal route assignment —> uses data about customer addresses, equipment specifications, and employee schedules and assignments
  • System recommendations —> includes criteria like time constraints and distance between jobs
  • View options —> user can use “map view” or “fastest route view”

With Zuper, dispatchers are better able to meet increasing operational demand. Teams successfully create and administer jobs of all sizes. Customers are always kept in the loop because of real-time job status updates.

AI-Powered Time and Location Tracking

Time and location tracking with Zuper minimize timesheet errors, data discrepancies, and miscommunication among staff and customers.

Trim Hours Off Field Operations Using Geo-Fencing

Dispatchers have ongoing updates about work order status via geo-fencing set up for your specific service areas. The platform can be configured to generate automated updates based on technician proximity to locations. These shift-based punch-ins and outs grant them the ability to keep an eye on field staff productivity. Supervisors are better able to coordinate workflows, track working hours, and calculate billable hours.

Greater Field Operation Efficiency

Field technicians are more productive and efficient with Zuper’s automated tracking and monitoring of timesheets, locations, and work orders. Their timesheets are auto-populated with job record data for a more accurate, simplified process. Technicians can track hours, request time off, and quickly make changes to shifts. This decreases the time it takes to process payroll and get technicians paid. Ultimately, your staff spends more time serving customers and less time on administrative tasks.

Field Dashboard and Reporting

Customized reporting and analytics capabilities with Zuper field service management ensure that your executive staff can address critical issues using data and scale your business.

Customizable Service Dashboard that Brings Business Oversight

pre-built field service dashboard gives staff a comprehensive view of workflows, revenues, and customers. They monitor key business metrics by day, month, or week and prioritize the most useful charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Data-driven Decisions with Reports and Analysis

Zuper’s simple drag-and-drop report configurations offer complete flexibility and business insight. The platform comes with 50+ visually rich, pre-designed or customized reports about KPIs, task completion facility, and milestone performance. The staff assesses data in real-time about work orders, payment history, employee timesheets, projected revenues, customer feedback, and more.

The platform’s powerful reporting features allow management to track job statuses in real-time and make data-driven decisions about processes. Staff identifies problematic patterns in service operations, bolsters technician performance, and improves SLA impact and first-time fix rate.


Hunting for data across multiple siloed platforms saddles your business with potential data inaccuracies and complex, time-consuming data transfers. App integrations with field service management significantly minimize these issues.

Prime Integrations that Expedite Processes

Zuper’s platform brings automation end-to-end with over 60 prime app integrations. These integrations include best-in-class CRMs, communications and collaboration tools, financial platforms such as QuickBooks and Stripe, as well as ticketing apps, and more.

  • Up-to-date information —> data located in one cloud-based location
  • Easy access —> ready access to accurate, job-specific details regarding customer contact, preferences, payments, job logging, and archiving

The Power of Effortless Integrations

Gone are operational redundancies, data errors, and repetitive processes. Your support and service teams enjoy full collaboration and exchange of information that is automated end-to-end something that frees up to offer a much better customer service experience.

The Technician’s Mobile App

Productivity and customer service suffer when employees are playing phone tag or customers are struggling to find out about terminal installs or repairs. Your office staff needs an easy way to communicate with field staff and field techs require ready access to customer and job details. Customers must have a simple way to share feedback, reschedule service requests, and learn the status of a job.

Successful Collaboration with the Zuper Pro Mobile App

Zuper’s mobile component empowers your teams both in the field and at the office. Supervisors effectively manage all aspects of workflows.

  • Real-time communication —> monitor tech location and job statuses
  • Quality assurance —> data about designed versus as-built details and comprehensive safety checklists
  • Security —> Compliance confirmed for POS systems, card readers, checkout registers, and related equipment

With the mobile app, field techs have full visibility of job details, customer preferences, and accounting. They communicate about work orders via automation and manage scheduling and digital payments right from their phone. Best of all, field staff communicate with customers in real-time about ETAs and other alerts.

Delivering a Customer Experience that Bolsters Scaling

In today’s rapidly expanding POS market, your business needs to operate fully supported by intelligent, integrated digital solutions. Your field techs and supervisors require the kind of real-time collaboration and data transparency that engender superior customer service and an ability to scale successfully.

Take your POS business to the next level with Zuper and experience the kind of growth and innovation you’ve always wanted. Sign up for a free trial and see Zuper’s POS business software in action.



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