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Why Do Internet Service Providers Need Field Service Management Software

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NewFiber is a company famous for its Internet service in Minneapolis. They needed help with scheduling, dispatching, and inventory management using low-cost tools. NewFiber needed help to handle their customer tickets within deadlines. Service delivery delays were causing problems with their customer satisfaction level. Wasted time and manual errors eventually led to negative customer feedback.

If you are an internet service provider facing a similar problem, it is time to adopt new solutions to help overcome these difficulties.

Lots of technology and tools are out there. Sometimes, choosing the one that fits your business needs best is pretty challenging. We have you covered with this article.

Now, let’s dig deep into the importance of internet service providers’ software and help you scale up your business.

Problems with manual ISP operations

Managing a field service team for your internet service business is challenging. Handling loads of customer queries and tickets may easily overwhelm your back-office team. Such manual processes may cause severe issues in their productivity, and they may fail to deliver on-time service to customers. Common problems with manual ISP business operations may be the bottleneck to your business improvement.

Problem scheduling work orders on time

Using spreadsheets with different color tags for different jobs, WhatsApp messaging, and online forms for scheduling appointments. In another case, converting a bunch of service requests from CRM tools to work orders and not making errors in customer details is a huge effort when done manually.

Double booking jobs, assigning the same job to different technicians and missing an appointment all become barriers to completing jobs on time and providing a quality customer service experience.

Finding the right person for the job

Manually assigning technicians who work in different locations to a particular job may take time and effort. When assigning a job, the back-office team may have to call the technician to check their availability and location, this is not only inefficient but also time-consuming. Manual technician assignments may lead to longer wait times for customers, leading to dissatisfaction.

Difficulty in managing the field workforce

The back office team may not have an idea where the field service team is in the completion of an assignment. Whether they are still in transit or have already begun their work, the back office team may have to call field service teams for updates. Having no way to accurately track data on the work hours of each job can easily lead to miscalculations of billable hours and technicians’ payroll.

Inefficient customer service and support due to the lack of real-time data

Transparency to customers may be lacking. Due to a lack of visibility regarding call status, customers may be forced to call back-office representatives for updates. As customers are used to an uberized experience in every aspect of their lifestyle, they expect the same treatment from their field service providers.

However, the back-office team may not really have all the information they need to answer a customer’s query. They may have to place the customer on hold and play phone tag with their field agents to understand the status of a job or their real-time location. Such instances may cause unnecessary delays and take a toll on the customer’s patience, leaving a bad impression on the business.

Inaccurate estimates and invoicing and long payment cycles

Quickly providing a quote to the customer is key to gaining their trust and business. But processing manual estimates is both time-consuming and inaccurate, creating real problems for your business. Being slow to provide requested estimates can negatively impact customer retention. Lengthy review and validation processes, delayed approvals, and mistakes all leave your customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your service.

Lack of real-time information and analytics for decision-making

Real-time data is vital for making informed decisions in an internet service business. With proper access to real-time data, you can gain insight into where you need to improve if you are to prevent future failures. Identifying issues in manual service operations can be challenging, as there is no real-time information to help expose weaknesses.

Inability to scale up operations due to limited resources

When you only have a handful of technicians, and limited tools and vehicles, scaling up your business can be challenging. You may struggle to get more customers or expand your service area. As you struggle to keep up with the growing demand, you may face difficulties scaling up rapidly to meet your evolving stakeholder expectations or overflowing service requests.

How ISP business management software can help

So, what now? Managing complex field service operations are cumbersome when doing it manually. ISP business software automates your everyday field service operations, greatly reducing conflicts in scheduling, dispatching, and more. It integrates with multiple apps you may already use and streamlines your ISP workflows.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of getting an ISP business management solution.

Centralized management of customer accounts, work orders, and assets

ISP management software allows centralized management and access to all your field service data, including customer accounts and service requests. All work-order-related information, such as jobs assigned to technicians, work orders, asset details, contract details, and payment history, are stored in a centralized location, making it easy for you to access the information you need. It helps stakeholders to monitor the entire field service operation from one centralized platform eliminating data silos and enabling productivity and collaboration.

Real-time monitoring and reporting of the field workforce

ISP business management software provides real-time monitoring and reporting on your field service teams. It helps track your service team’s exact location in the field and the current status of assigned jobs. It can even capture timesheet data remotely. Field service managers can stay in the loop with an ISP system, allowing them to dynamically assign, schedule, and dispatch technicians—simplifying their workflow and scheduling process.

Streamlined ISP inventory management

By keeping track of all equipment, ISP software helps streamline and automate your business’ inventory management processes, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency. From purchasing to deploying inventory, ISP software helps reduce overall costs and enhances customer satisfaction.

Built-in invoice and estimate templates and automated follow-ups

With ISP software, you can quickly generate quotes and invoice clients, all with built-in templates and automated calculation of the services rendered and parts used. It also allows you to send follow-up emails to customers, reminding them about payments and including payment links. The ISP software streamlines the process of providing quotes, reducing the administrative burden on your field service managers.

Integration with CRM and other third-party systems

Running your ISP business may involve a lot of system applications for different purposes. It can be daunting to migrate data from one system to another. ISP software provides multiple software integrations, including with CRMs, helping you access all the information and eliminate risks associated with manual data entry. With integrated ISP software, you can manage all your customer data, accounts, inventory, employee resource management, and more from a single platform.

Customizable workflows for improved efficiency

ISP business is unique, and ISP software must take that into account. Adopting customizable ISP software enables your business to create customized workflows that meet your needs. With the help of ISP software, you can create workflows to ensure you appropriately assign your employees and are efficiently running your service operations.

Actionable insights from real-time dashboards

Access to real-time insights and other information is vital to identifying potential issues and tracking progress. ISP business software provides real-time visualized dashboards to view actionable insight into various service operations. When you know about these actionable insights from your ISP software, you can focus on what is most important, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

How Zuper can help ISP businesses streamline their operations

In today’s competitive technology-driven market, adopting internet service provider business software to help scale up your business is important. Zuper is the most customizable and flexible field service platform designed to fit your unique internet service business needs. It integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications making your life easier.

Salient features of Zuper

  1. Smart scheduling: With the help of Zuper’s smart scheduling assistant, you can easily schedule all your service requests based on various criteria with accuracy.
  2. Intelligent dispatching: Allocate service request jobs to your field service technicians based on their skills and location efficiently so that you can improve your service first-time fix rates.
  3. Real-time information: Allows stakeholders, field service technicians, and customers to have visibility over the real-time information on work status, technician arrival, avoiding miscommunication and increasing visibility.
  4. Estimate, invoice, and payment management: Automatically generate accurate estimates and invoices and provide access to a payment gateway with multiple custom functions all in one place, improving the cash flow of your business.
  5. Customized workflows: Set up automated customized workflows that suit your business’ specific needs and effortlessly help your business tailor processes and workflows your way.
  6. Integrations: Leverage the power of integrating all your business applications into one centralized system allowing your business to eliminate redundancy and improve overall efficiency by using integrated systems. 
  7. Inventory management: Enables you to monitor your inventory levels and locations in real time, including tracking usage and orders, and automating replenishment, ensuring that your field service technicians are equipped with the necessary parts and equipment to provide effective service.

Sail Internet, a California-based internet service provider, also faced similar challenges in managing its service operations. They were struggling with paperwork, limited visibility of technician performance, and suffering from service delays which resulted in customer dissatisfaction.

After implementing Zuper’s field service management software, Sail Internet could streamline its service operations by providing real-time visibility of technician locations, allowing the company to dispatch the closest technician to a service request quickly. They were able to integrate HubSpot and transfer data reducing the risk of errors. And the best part, the customizable workflows improved efficiency and reduced the risks of errors.

They were able to easily attach detailed records and photos to each job, along with unique search functionality, providing an accurate and centralized record of all associated files. With visualized real-time dashboards, their field service managers could quickly spot and resolve any issues in their operations.


Don’t let manual operations hinder your business growth. Adopt technology-driven solutions such as ISP software that will help you overcome the challenges you face. Invest in customizable and flexible internet service software, such as Zuper, that suits all your business needs. Upgrade your field service management platform today. If you are looking to level up your business, reach out to  Zuper and see how it can help your business scale rapidly and deliver exceptional customer experience.

To experience Zuper’s unique features and solutions to transform your business. Schedule a demo with us today.

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