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The Essential Electrician Salary Guide for 2023

October 19, 2022

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While running an electrical business you may have wondered how much you should be paying new hires. It is common to wonder how much you should be paying—or if you are paying too much. You don’t want to lowball your employees and create resentment, but you can’t just pay top dollar for unknowns either. You need to strike a balance, and we are here to help.

how much do electricians make?

In the hopes of making things easier for you, we have put together some research for you. If you want to check our sources, reports from the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics and Payscale were used for this article. Hopefully, this has taken care of some heavy lifting and made things easier.

Before you move forward with your hiring process, however, consider what factors can influence an electrician’s salary.

Average Annual Electrician Salary Based on the Location

An individual’s location can significantly influence how much an electrician will charge. The report clearly explains the average hourly rate differs with location. The average annual salary for an electrician in Illinois hits $83,140, but that same job in Puerto Rico will only pull in $29,810. Illinois is the top-paying state in the country, offering employment for 21,050 electricians.

Though the most expensive state, New York, has the highest employment of 39,760, it provides only $81,700. We have the average annual salaries for different states listed below. This information was provided by a Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Electrician Salary Guide

Based on Experience

An essential factor in salary increases is time and experience. Simply put, an electrician with more experience expects to be compensated for their additional professional knowledge—they expect to earn more. Below is a table that will help you put this in perspective; it shows the salaries associated with each experience level and will give you an idea of what people are likely to expect.

Based on the Skillset

Individual skillsets differ, and so do the salaries they receive. There are connections between both an electrician’s proficiency in a given skill as well as the demand for that skill in the current market. A technician who has an in-demand skill that few others have is in a position to demand more than less desirable technicians. Below is a table of the top ten skill sets and average salary ranges for electricians across the US and US territories.

Based on the Job Title

Some electricians have just begun their careers and are still apprentices. Others have mastered electrical concepts, climbed the ranks, and are now considered master electricians. Different certification and licensing levels command different salaries. Here is the list of average annual salaries based on certifications, licenses, and experience levels.


Electricians with the right skills and experience are valuable assets to any electrical contracting company. We hope you now have a better sense of where to begin and what to expect when hiring a new electrician. Not all states, pay the same; keep in mind what is appropriate for your area. When you are ready for more information on electrical business tips you can read other Zuper articles to learn more.


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