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Zuper FSM + QuickBooks: Your Shortcut to Take More Jobs and Reduce Manual Work


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QuickBooks! Why is the field service industry raving about this accounting integration? Enterprise businesses swear by QuickBooks integration to manage field and financial operations. What is all the hype about, and why should you sync field service management software with QuickBooks? Let’s find out.

This article will be helpful for business owners, field service leaders, or a CTO whose daily grind involves dealing with the complexity of financial transactions.

Keeping track of estimates, invoices, and payments is challenging enough as it is. But adding to this is the constant switching between tabs—the only thing likely to come out of it is increased manual work and reduced focus.

If you want to put an end to this headache and escape the tedious task of shuffling between applications, you need QuickBooks and Field Service Management Software integration.

5 ways accounting integration boosts your business efficiency

  1. Organize all invoices in one place
  2. Transparency in payment workflow
  3. Make on-site payment a reality
  4. Track inventory and automatically update the status of parts
  5. Automate estimates, invoices, and payments and send follow-up reminders


Why Quickbooks?

We are always looking for ways to make things simpler and faster. Thankfully, digitization has opened up new possibilities. So, the real quest is finding digital solutions to the mundane tasks of generating invoices, estimates, and payments. That’s exactly what QuickBooks does for you, solving your financing problems and making your life simpler.

1. Accounting + Inventory in one place

QuickBooks brings together the power of accounting and inventory. And when you have it integrated with a field service management (FSM) it’s like an all-in-one place to streamline your business operations. So, you don’t need to invest in many applications to complete a service request or toggle between various applications.

2. Eliminates delay in payments

QuickBooks can automatically send payment reminders to clients, helping businesses stay proactive in collecting payments. This feature helps to maintain communication with clients and prompts them to settle outstanding invoices promptly, reducing the risk of payment delays.

3. All financing information in one place

QuickBooks can automatically synchronize data between different accounts and financial institutions. It also maintains a centralized database that serves as a single source of truth for all financial transactions. This centralized approach reduces the need for duplicate data entry across multiple systems or spreadsheets.

4. Generates on-spot invoices

QuickBooks integrations allow real-time synchronization of data between different systems. This means that when you create or update information in one system, it reflects immediately in QuickBooks. This ensures that you always have the latest data when generating invoices on the spot.

Why do you need Zuper?

1. Accurate payroll processing with employee time tracking

Zuper FSM solution allows you to track the working hours of your field service teams accurately with digitized timesheets and the Zuper Job Time Calculation power app. This feature ensures that you have a detailed record of how much time each employee spends on a job, facilitating precise and transparent payroll processing. This significantly improves accuracy in financial reporting and resource allocation.

2. Fuel expense management with geocodes & route planning

With GPS tracking and mileage calculation capabilities, the Zuper FSM solution can help you monitor and manage fuel expenses more effectively. For example, route planning helps to optimize routes by letting you choose between the fastest travel time and shortest distance. thereby saving money and fuel costs.

Similarly, the Zuper GeoCode power app helps cut down on travel time with precise customer addresses with exact geo coordinates. This way, Zuper integration with QuickBooks ensures that fuel expenses are accurately managed and accounted for in your financial records.

3. Inventory expense tracking

Zuper FSM software enables you to track various expenses related to field service operations, such as equipment maintenance, vehicle repairs, and material costs. This comprehensive expense tracking ensures that all costs associated with providing services are accounted for, allowing for better financial planning and cost analysis.

4. Team planning for efficient time management

Making sure your field operations run smoothly can make a huge difference. When you send a skilled technician, it means getting the job done right the first time, saving both time and money. Zuper helps you here with its smart scheduling and dispatching tools. These tools go through the employee list to find the best-suited technician who’s nearby and available. This way, there’s no room for anything less than top-notch service.

5. Smooth transactions with digital payment methods

Zuper FSM solution makes payments hassle-free by eliminating the need for back-and-forth negotiations. The process is seamless, allowing you to send a secure payment link to customers. Using various options like ACH, credit cards, debit cards, and even “buy now, pay later”, your customers can make payments with just a click. Zuper integrates smoothly with payment gateways such as Stripe, Square, and Wisetack, ensuring secure and efficient transactions throughout the entire process.

How to sync Quickbooks with Zuper?

How is this two-way sync performed? Any guesses? To begin with, it works bi-directionally. A quote created in Zuper generates an estimate in QuickBooks. This estimate can then be converted to an invoice and sent to your clients for approval.

Once approved, invoices are pushed to payments in QuickBooks—and you get paid. It’s as simple as that leaving no room for missed payments. For the convenience of everyone involved, real-time updates are pushed out through each step in the process.

Scale up your financing and field operations

QuickBooks isn’t just a tool; it revolutionizes the way you handle your finances. It eliminates the stress of manual work, cuts down on errors, and ensures timely payments, making your business more efficient and giving you peace of mind.

So, leave behind old challenges and enter a future with Zuper and QuickBooks integration. Connect with us now.

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