Disaster Restoration

Boost Your Bottom Line with Disaster Restoration Software

Manage everything from damage assessment to technician scheduling and disaster restoration estimates and invoicing, all in one place. Streamline your disaster restoration services with Zuper's end-to-end fire and water damage restoration software and improve damage restoration efficiency.

Damage Restoration Industry Software for Restoration Businesses of All Sizes

Streamline the process of creating, scheduling, dispatching, and managing disaster restoration requests from start to finish. Effectively address challenges and improve the productivity of field service teams and back-office agents, regardless of the project's scale.

Scheduling in Real-Time for Emergency Snow Events

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"The Zuper Pro field service management app has been a real game-changer for us. We can now easily track jobs and communicate with our workers in the field, which has led to a significant improvement in our service delivery. The app is easy to use and it’s been a huge help in managing our growing business.”

Jon Caiger

GM, Grime Fighters

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Take Your Disaster Damage Restoration Processes to the Next Level

Zuper helps disaster restoration companies stay compliant with changing regulations and ensure the safety of their technicians. With the ability to create customized workflows and checklists, restoration companies can ensure that technicians only begin a job once the plan has been approved by both the insurance provider and the customer.

Restoration Job Management Software that Puts You Back in Control

With the job management feature, restoration businesses can assign tasks to their team, set deadlines and priorities, and track the progress of disaster restoration requests. Zuper helps you clearly categorize work order tasks, such as cleaning up debris, patching holes, and resurfacing, for effective organization and management.

Our automated checklists allow disaster restoration companies to define specific activities that must be completed to finish a work order and ensure that all necessary steps are taken in a timely and efficient manner.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts with Intelligent Dispatching

Effective scheduling is key to the success of any restoration project. Automated schedules help you respond quickly and efficiently, even when changes arise. Zuper's multi-day scheduling feature allows dispatchers to assign work orders that take place over multiple days to a damage restoration crew.

With Zuper's dispatch board, you can see open projects and the current schedule, as well as important details like technician availability and time-off data. Our intelligent dispatcher will quickly find the right person or team for the job by weighing in factors like location proximity, skill set, and more.

Enforce Regulatory Compliance with Dynamic Workflows

Zuper's rule-based workflows help ensure that disaster restoration projects are completed consistently and in accordance with policies and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Customize checklists, processes, and fields to fit your unique business needs.

With Zuper FSM software, you can streamline the approval process for your disaster restoration workflows, from quotes to parts and services usage. This customizable solution also helps you manage work orders, payment collection, and your field workforce with ease.

Go One Step Beyond Free Disaster Restoration Estimates

Speed up the estimating and invoicing process for technicians with our convenient mobile app. Easily create invoices from approved estimates, including all line items, and send them directly to customers via email or text.

Keep track of unpaid invoices and send alerts for delays in payment with just a few clicks. Analyze rejected estimates and invoices to identify any issues. Streamline the payment process for your customers by offering online payment options.

Features That Work for You

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Work Order Management
Automate and prioritize job requests, technician schedules and dispatching all in one place for more efficient operations and improved workflows.
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Smart Scheduling
With easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling, you can assign new jobs and automatically assign based on availability, proximity, and qualifications. 
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Intelligent Dispatching
Intelligent dispatching efficiently allocates jobs so that the right person is always at the right place with the right information, every time.
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Location Intelligence
Location intelligence helps you accurately track time, GPS, and mileage - saving you costs on fuel and payroll and keeping customers updated.
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Estimate Management
Create customizable estimates with a few clicks, so you can get faster decisions from the client to prioritize job opportunities on the go.
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Contract Management
Edit, search, sign, and store your contracts in one place, making it work with your jobs and assets and plan preventative maintenance tasks.
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Invoice Management
Simplify invoicing by handling service modifications, streamlining your payments, and getting paid on the field or in the office.
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Digital Payments
Start accepting credit, debit, e-checks/ACH payments online, on-mobile, or in-person, as well as through digital payment methods like Stripe.
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Customized Workflows
No-code required settings and access for the non-technical user to quickly and easily customize workflows to suit your business needs.
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Asset Management
Manage your customers asset lifecycle, automate preventive maintenance tasks, reduce costs and optimize productivity and efficiency. 
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Timesheet Management
Monitor technician work hours, locations, clocking in and out, and with customizable payment plans, overtime, and project details.
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Reporting and Analytics
Run reports based on field jobs created, scheduled or finished jobs to gain instant insights on performance, productivity, and profitability.
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Industry-Leading Integrations
Zuper offers premier integrations with best-in-class CRM, service, ticketing, communications, collaboration, accounting, ERP and other apps.
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Mobile Applications
Connect your field service technicians with all tools they need to focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional customer service.
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Inventory Management
Sync your mobile stock with the warehouse and provide your field technicians with the resources they need to manage inventory on the job site.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I create estimates using plumbing software?

Estimates can be created in Zuper in any of the three ways listed below.

  • Using the Quick Actions Drop-Down.
  • From the Quotations Listing Page.
  • From the Job and Customer Details Page.

What are the common features of plumbing software?

The common features of plumbing software are scheduling, dispatching, estimating, and invoicing. The dispatch board provides specific information on assigned jobs, their status, and the live location of the plumber/field service agent assigned to it.

Does it support plumbing business on a mobile app?

Yes, Zuper's field service software has a mobile app available both for Android and iOS.

Can we save recurring contracts in the software?

Yes, we can save recurring contracts in the software.

What are the benefits of using field service software for plumbing business?

Field service software helps plumbing business to reduce operational costs with a streamlined process. It also improves customer and employee experience where every update is available on the app from scheduling to dispatching and easy invoicing providing them with a completed service work experience, on time.

What is plumbing software?

Plumbing software helps create work orders, schedule appointments, and track them. Additionally, it can be used to generate quotes and invoices, as well as accept payments. Plumbing software is designed to save time and money by making it easier to manage your plumbing business. It can also help improve customer service by providing a more efficient way to handle customer inquiries and requests.