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Eliminate paperwork and automate your field service processes, work order management, scheduling, dispatching, and accounting for a more streamlined and efficient field operations.

Drive Efficiencies for Your Internet Service Providers Business

Digitize, automate, and streamline your internet service business field operations and work order management processes.

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One of the biggest benefits was the quick communication from the Zuper support team and the knowledge for really smooth onboarding experience.

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Flexible Enough for IT Services

Comprehensive field service management software that’s flexible enough to serve complex businesses, including top-rated onboarding and customer service

AI-Powered Field Service Management

Enable your team with the best-in-class scheduling and work order management powered by AI and Machine Learning. Improve team collaboration and coordination with native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Nurture and Retain Your Customers

Efficiently collaborate with your customers with streamlined communication before, during, and after the jobs. Cater to the needs of modern customers and offer a personalized experience to improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Features That Work for You

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Work Order Management
Automate and prioritize job requests, technician schedules and dispatching all in one place for more efficient operations and improved workflows.
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Smart Scheduling
With easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling, you can assign new jobs and automatically assign based on availability, proximity, and qualifications. 
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Intelligent Dispatching
Intelligent dispatching efficiently allocates jobs so that the right person is always at the right place with the right information, every time.
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Location Intelligence
Location intelligence helps you accurately track time, GPS, and mileage - saving you costs on fuel and payroll and keeping customers updated.
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Estimate Management
Create customizable estimates with a few clicks, so you can get faster decisions from the client to prioritize job opportunities on the go.
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Contract Management
Edit, search, sign, and store your contracts in one place, making it work with your jobs and assets and plan preventative maintenance tasks.
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Invoice Management
Simplify invoicing by handling service modifications, streamlining your payments, and getting paid on the field or in the office.
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Digital Payments
Start accepting credit, debit, e-checks/ACH payments online, on-mobile, or in-person, as well as through digital payment methods like Stripe.
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Customized Workflows
No-code required settings and access for the non-technical user to quickly and easily customize workflows to suit your business needs.
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Asset Management
Manage your customers asset lifecycle, automate preventive maintenance tasks, reduce costs and optimize productivity and efficiency. 
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Timesheet Management
Monitor technician work hours, locations, clocking in and out, and with customizable payment plans, overtime, and project details.
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Reporting and Analytics
Run reports based on field jobs created, scheduled or finished jobs to gain instant insights on performance, productivity, and profitability.
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Industry-Leading Integrations
Zuper offers premier integrations with best-in-class CRM, service, ticketing, communications, collaboration, accounting, ERP and other apps.
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Mobile Applications
Connect your field service technicians with all tools they need to focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional customer service.
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Inventory Management
Sync your mobile stock with the warehouse and provide your field technicians with the resources they need to manage inventory on the job site.
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Frequently asked questions

Can Zuper Help MSPs Handle Quotes for Smaller Equipment and Parts?

While resolving a service request, field technicians are often forced to replace parts or smaller parts of equipment. Sometimes, it takes an additional service to resolve a service ticket once and for all. In such instances, while creating a quotation, they need to include the part consumed or service used so that the customer can be billed for it.

Zuper field service management software helps managed service providers and their field team add line items from their services and product list into the quote directly. Field technicians can pick the parts and services from their inventory, mention their quantity and verify the total value per part before adding it to the quote with just a click. Line items present in a quote will be retained in the invoice during the conversion process.

How Zuper Field Service Management Can Help in Team Collaboration?

Team collaboration in a manual field service environment is siloed. In some cases, field service technicians may not have access to the data visible to the back-office team. This may end up causing confusion and unnecessary chaos in the managed service provider’s operations.

Having an MSP-specific, cross-function team collaboration software like Zuper will help improve team collaboration multifold. It will help bridge the communication gap between teams with intuitive features like chat options right within the field service management software.

In case the back-office team wants to communicate something with the field service technician, they can leave a simple note right within the job itself. Likewise, field service technicians can get in touch with their supervisors and collaborate about a job within the service request itself, thus reducing touch points and finding a resolution quicker.

Is Zuper Field Service Management a Cloud-Based Service?

Zuper is a cloud-based field service management software solution that helps managed service providers streamline their scheduling, dispatching, work order management, quotation process, invoice management, asset management, and client onboarding. It caters to managed service providers of all sizes.

Can Zuper Help Managed Service Providers in Client Onboarding?

Client or customer onboarding is a critical process in managed service provider operations. Client onboarding process that is filled with paperwork and online documents makes the process a hassle for all stakeholders involved. Zuper’s field service management software offers state-of-the-art provisions for the new client onboarding process.

Zuper’s intuitive client onboarding forms help businesses capture all relevant information from their clients easily. What’s more, there are provisions to create custom fields (if required) and capture the client’s location during the time of onboarding so that it helps route field technicians later when there is a service request to resolve.

Is Zuper Field Service Management Software Secure?

Zuper is a globally secure field service management software. All data stored in Zuper is backed up daily. What’s more, the infrastructure upon which Zuper is built makes Zuper field service management software completely fail-safe when it comes to data storage, accessibility, confidentiality, and processing.

What Kind of Data and Insights Does Zuper Field Service Management Provide?

Zuper provides all the insights MSPs need to grow and find opportunities for improvement. Zuper’s home page is a dashboard that offers a ton of insights in just a glance. Insights offered via the dashboard are linked to work orders, and so they auto-update regularly. Zuper insights reveal blind spots that managed service providers may otherwise miss, like overdue invoices, declined quotations, and more.

Zuper’s data and insights enable managed service providers to make informed decisions. What’s more, Zuper offers relevant data and insights to stakeholders based on their profile to receive relevant and timely information.

How Can Zuper Help Managed Service Providers Retain Their Customers?

Customers of today expect uberized service, which managed service providers who operate manually struggle to provide. Customers no longer want to run behind managed service providers to know the status of their service requests, and they want to be kept informed proactively. Failing to do so results in customer dissatisfaction and ultimately churn. This makes most MSPs search for ‘How do I retain loyal customers?’

Zuper field service management system enables managed service providers to offer their customers a self-service portal that keeps them informed of their job status and technicians’ ETA. What’s more, it enables MSPs to collect feedback from their customers and provide other customer appreciation factors like gift cards and referral policies that keep customers engaged and satisfied with their service.

Can Zuper’s AI-Powered Field Service Management System Empower Scheduling for MSPs?

Scheduling is a hassle for every MSP out there. With many customers reaching out with service requests, it is hard to prevent double-booking and other scheduling problems in a manual scheduling environment.

On the other hand, Zuper’s AI-powered field service management system streamlines the scheduling process of MSPs in just a few clicks. Its automatic work order scheduling software takes everything from technician availability to customer’s preferred time into account before generating service schedules. With the right work order management for MSPs, work order planning and scheduling can become a breeze.

How Zuper Helps MSPs Maintain Their Work Order Management Process?

Managed service providers have a chaotic work order management process. Especially those MSPs with a large client base get around hundreds of work orders every day. Without a dedicated work order management system, the work order management process will be inefficient and time and money-intensive.

With Zuper’s work order management module, businesses can create and manage work orders with ease. The system will automatically tie work orders to customer profiles for easy tracking and these work orders on the go. Zuper places work orders at the heart of the system and links them with other features like estimates, invoices, parts and services, and even assets.

Is It Possible to Track Technicians on the Field?

Whenever the technician is on the field, travelling to or from a customer’s location, it is difficult to track them manually. Without knowing the exact location of the technician and the approximate ETA, back-office teams have trouble answering customer queries about their scheduled jobs.

Zuper field service management helps in tracking a field service technician in the most non-intrusive way. Their location will be tracked only when the punch into their workday from their Zuper mobile app. Technician’s locations will not be tracked when they are on break or when they punch out of the app. This non-intrusive way of tracking a field service technician helps businesses provide their customers with an accurate ETA and job start time.

Why Should MSPs Use Zuper Field Service Management Software?

Managed service providers help small and medium businesses manage their network, infrastructure, and security on an ongoing basis with an efficient field service team. Unfortunately, whenever their field service team gets a job to perform on the customer’s location, they do not know the job’s progress or the technician’s location. What’s more, the back-office team is left to field customer calls blindly without any real-time information.

A field service management system like Zuper can fix all manual field service woes of managed service providers and effectively streamline their end-to-end operations. Zuper field service management software creates and manages work orders, dispatches the right technician for the job, keeps track of the technician location, converts estimates to invoices instantly, and sends timely reminders to customers about invoice payments.

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