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How to Navigate the Increasing Service Demands in the Pool Service Industry

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It’s an exciting time for the pool service industry. In recent years, with increased work from home and home ownership, there has been a boom in pool ownership. The market is forecasted to reach $19.51 billion by 2027, and the number of businesses has grown 5.0% each year.

All this growth can be exciting but also challenging. Your business must meet growing demands around labor and supplies and still maintain profitability. And your teams have to deliver superior customer service in order to stay competitive.

Like a number of other pool services providers, you may be laboring under inefficient processes or juggling multiple apps that don’t work well together. You may be lacking the automation and intelligent technology capabilities that would empower your teams to deliver outstanding customer experiences more efficiently.

It might be time to consider field service management.

Field Service Management

Field service management (FSM) software helps service businesses automate and streamline workflows, processes, and overall field service operations. Field service businesses like pool and hot tub servicing companies can streamline their field operations processes end-to-end to deliver exceptional customer service with less staff and fewer manual processes.

Key features include work order management, scheduling and dispatching, inventory and assets management, organization of documentation and data, automated communication, app integrations, and a mobile component.

For many pool businesses, a leading field service management solution can be the perfect way to address the myriad of challenges they face day to day.

Inefficient Work Order Management

Your teams may be struggling with manual, error-prone job management and incomplete documentation. This is particularly problematic with commercial customers who have more demands given their heavier pool use and need for frequent maintenance or complicated renovation.

Regardless of the size of the job, you can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to balancing chemicals or fixing equipment malfunctions.

Elimination of Manual Interventions and Technician Errors with FSM

  • Work order automation and document management
  • Assigning and prioritization of work orders
  • Maintenance of multiple schedules at different frequencies and locations
  • Job-specific digital documentation, like checklists and images, that ensures project safety and mitigates liability

The mobile component facilities job management with built-in functions that automate the technician proof of delivery process, allowing images of completed work, status updates, and attachments to work orders.

Scheduling Conflicts and Inadequate Dispatching

For many pool businesses scheduling and dispatching are chronic challenges. The process can be rife with errors, overlap, and inadequate use of techs in the field. FSM’s smart scheduling and dispatching remedy these issues.

Automation and Optimization of Staff Schedules

  • Drag and drop scheduling for management of a high volume of jobs
  • Replacement of paper-based routes with automation and territory planning
  • Dispatching using technician skill, location, and availability
  • Location intelligence for complete visibility regarding tech location and job status
  • GPS-backed route optimization that generates the best route every time

Lack of Proper Inventory Oversight

In this day of intermittent supply shortages, inventory control is vital for pool servicing businesses. However, many pool companies lack the real-time inventory updates needed to avoid stock-outs or overstocking. Bad logistics lead to money lost from additional shipping costs and delayed deliveries.

For pool service businesses to maintain profitability, they need the comprehensive inventory management of FSM.

Monitor Supplies and Maximize Resources

  • Equipment tracking that syncs warehouse and mobile stock
  • Monitoring of cleaning, repair equipment, and chemical levels from any device
  • Alerts when stock is running low and automated workflows to restock

This easy oversight and automation save time and money.

Inaccurate and Slow Invoice Payment Cycle

Inadequate invoice management gums up cash flow, frustrate employees and customers, and wastes time and money. Many pool businesses are juggling multiple spreadsheets, paper invoices, manual payments, and slow customer approvals. They’re also contending with irritated customers who expect a hassle-free, automated process.

Field service management implements a system that creates a faster turnaround time and removes the need for chasing down payments.

Invoice Management That Eliminates Human Error

  • Customized estimates that can be auto-converted to invoices
  • Paperless approval process and digital signatures
  • Integrations for payment processing like Stripe and accounting like QuickBooks and Zoho Books
  • Quickened service-to-cash cycle with automated accounting processes

Poor Asset Management and PPM Execution

Your teams might be wasting time sifting through overflowing asset spreadsheets, unable to anticipate servicing needs, or head off issues. Team members can’t readily access information in the field for a commercial maintenance job or receive alerts regarding a residential customer’s asset warranty.

FSM provides a way to monitor and manage asset lifecycle and automate preventive maintenance tasks.

A Holistic View of Customer and Business Assets

  • Tracking of equipment life cycles, warranties, maintenance, depreciation, purchase orders, and inspection histories all in one place
  • Information accessible by category, serial number, vendor details, purchase date, price, and warranty details
  • Execution of automated preventative maintenance plans to avoid breakdowns, faults, and incidents
  • Alerts regarding fault codes and real-time communication to reduce troubleshooting time
  • Contract management backed by integrations with CRMs like Zoho and communication apps like Twilio

Labor Shortages

In order to maintain profitability and keep up with the growing demand, you need reliable pool techs who get all the details right regarding water quality maintenance and pool structural integrity.

With field service management, it’s easier to maintain quality staff.

Retain Field Staff with a Positive Work Experience

  • Simplified workflow and easy team collaboration
  • Optimized scheduling and dispatching for increased efficiency
  • A mobile component that grants field staff automated paperwork and job processes and real-time customer communication
  • Management oversight to track technician performance and make adjustments

A Lack of Business Oversight

Your executive team may be lacking the insights they need to understand how to fix systemic issues. In order to be more profitable – and less stressed – you need the right kind of data.

FSM gives them the numbers for setting profit targets and budgets and forecasting cash flow.

Data-driven Operational Adjustments with Field Service Management

  • Customizable dashboard that prioritizes needed data
  • Pre-designed or customizable reports for viewing field workforce KPIs and other metrics
  • Elimination of manual transfer of data

FSM analytics and reporting give you insights into technician performance, job statuses, and customer satisfaction levels.

An Inability to Offer a Superior Customer Experience

It all comes down to this. Your business has a hard time scaling if your field team, the face of your business, isn’t exceeding customer expectations.

Your commercial and residential customers expect a modern, digitized experience. They want their service needs anticipated, no matter the time of year. Customers also expected to be in full communication with your office and field staff and kept abreast of the status of their work orders.

Field service management provides everything your team needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Alerts and notifications, ETA updates, customer care support, and digital invoicing bring the ease and responsiveness customers demand.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelming Challenges

You want your business to thrive, even in the face of some fairly overwhelming service challenges. Field service management can be the game-changing solution that removes all your headaches.

Zuper Field Service Management Software’s full productivity suite includes smart scheduling, intelligent dispatching, work order management, analytics, alerts and notifications, and paperwork and data management. The platform also offers the Zuper Pro Mobile app and premier integrations with 50+ prime apps.

Zuper is the most flexible and customizable field service management software available. Learn more at

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